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Donated: 72.16% / $97,000.00

Nigeria as a nation, even though filled with so much human resources and other minerals , still is rated as one of the poverty stricken nation of the world, not in terms of what it does not have but in terms of what it refuses to do with what is has.
This attitude has crept into the depth of her social fabrics and correctional centres that are designated to reform people which has now become a dungeon of death for many – ESPECIALLY OUR WOMEN who find themselves behind the wall.
Research revealed that there is no provision for adequate health care or even basic amenities for the inmates not to mention tending to their biological accessories such as sanitary pad for their monthly flow.
To curb the possibility of getting infected through unhygienic disposal of their monthly menstrual flow, we found a way around it by working closely with a manufacturer here in Nigeria that produces cost effective reusable pads for these women at a very affordable rate.
We source for fund from the general public at the rate of #1,000/Pad for one female inmate and this pad which comes as 5pcs in one pack can be used for the period of 3years in a well-ventilated condition but 12months for those with restricted circumstances.
We request your partnership and donations to be able to do effective yearly supply of this toiletry to all our female prisons nationwide.