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Donated: 72.16% / $97,000.00

Miracles are not limited to walking on water or parting the red sea, but reaching out to those in urgent need in every situation as you can afford.

Our team of Miracle Workers comprises of men and women on standby with their pockets opened to funding and sponsoring medical bills, especially for children with skin related issue and other internal ailments that can be medically corrected.

We have taken on several projects in the past successfully through the means of crowd funding to the tune of #5million as at press time. All of these among which there are cases of brain tumours and other severe burnt have come out of their ailing state miraculously – because people were moved with compassion to help them.

With our investigative staffs that ensure all cases are genuine, our case files are always piling up and in need of funding for medical intervention.

We welcome you to be part of our team of compassionate healers who fund these medical projects and give hope to the hopeless again.