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Donated: 72.16% / $97,000.00

All year round, we think of ways to maintain balance between the privileged and the not-so privileged. Your best guess is as good as our – GIVE OUT WHAT IS USEFUL BUT NOT BEING USED TO THOSE IN NEED OF THEM.


Everyone have something to give no matter how you think of it. The unused clothes, electronic appliances, kitchen utensils, automobiles, houses, upholsteries, books, lands, and even toys from our children. All these could be what someone is praying to God for and we don’t need to have money before blessing them.

Our storehouse is opened for collection all year round for taking deliveries of these items which we in turn disburse to those in need of them after necessary refurbishment.

NOTE: We do not sell any of these items. We give them out for free.