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Donated: 72.16% / $97,000.00


Hunger is man’s closest enemy, without which everyone would not thrive to be better. However, just as all fingers are not equal, so also is the society all over the world.

This is where FOOD EQUILIBRA comes in – a program that runs all through the year and aim at making food items available for those in need of it, especially in the rural areas of African Nations and also drought infested locations.

We call on general public to tap into this food distribution program that terminate totally the culture of waste in a society where those who have more than enough waste them while those having nothing go hungry.

Cooperate Organisations are also welcome to adopt this initiative as a part of their CSR.

Do you have some excess in your store or know someone who does? Do you have some change that can purchase some groceries or other food items? We need it to feed the people in the world irrespective of race, colour, and belief system.