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With the increase in the global insecurity and how much is being delegated to subsiding terrorism rather than preventing it, one could only think of dysfunctional family system as the major cause of these vices before pointing fingers at religion.

However, it seems as though no one is bothered about the continuity of these evil and possible mutation of it as the government is making no priority of the children on the streets that are homeless and vulnerable to negative initiations.

GREATMIND FOSTER HOMES AND SHELTERS is our change strategy as a benevolent organization and our intention is to raise the kind of leaders we want from these homeless teenagers that flutters across the streets of Africa.

With the first facility targeted at housing 40 children at a time, we intend to admit 10 homeless children per year and progressively. Feeding, Clothing, Education, and Health Care are our priority for them. We also believe in constant exposure to the global mentality through exchange programs with other partnering fostering facilities all across the globe.

We are currently raising a total amount of #20million in structural building for the very first one which would be located in the already acquired landed property in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State. And here is where we need your help in terms of partnership, donations, recommendation, or even manpower.